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Ies universidade laboral ourense

photo_camera <p>The students of artistic baccalaureate of IES Universidade Laboral have proposed to vindicate the role of leaders, scientists or forgotten intellectuals. With the title «Ilustrísimas», each of these young creators chose a woman and turned her into the protagonist of a work of art.</p>
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Charlotte Bronte. Alma Mahler. History is full of female names that did not have the recognition they deserved, and the students of artistic baccalaureate of IES Universidade Laboral have proposed to turn this situation around. With the title «Ilustrísimas», each of these young creators chose a woman and turned her into the protagonist of a work of art.
«It is a joint work of the subjects of Ethics and Philosophy of Law and Techniques of Graphic-Plastic Expression, and it has an intellectual part -where the students were informed about the lives of illustrious women in history- and another practical, emotional part, in which they explain their process», says the teacher Mila Alonso, promoter of the initiative.

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Mila Alonso, professor of Ethics and Philosophy, says that what began as a class activity became an interdisciplinary work that was joined by students of Graphic and Plastic Expression Techniques. «It is a work on an equal footing and with a feminist perspective in which they themselves also looked for references,» explains the teacher. From the pianist Clara Schumann to the first woman minister Federica Montseny, the philosopher Christine de Pizan, the ecofeminist Vandana Shiva, the composer Alma Mahler or the writer María Lejárraga.

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