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How to react to a sudden drop in sales? What to do in a moment of adversity? How to keep your business afloat? It is easy to become paralyzed in the face of events, however, there are many things to do to overcome the situation.
In Untamed Women the author narrates the lives of three women dedicated to medicine in the Middle Ages, three «healers»: Trota of Salerno, the first known gynecologist, Hildegard of Bingen, the first naturopathic healer and Alessandra Giliani, the first pathologist in history. Their stories are truly exceptional. Three indomitable, intrepid, determined, groundbreaking women, who unite the desire to heal and prevent pain to others with the thirst for knowledge about the human body.
Carla and her daughter Lola live together in a large, luxurious apartment. The mother is successful and attractive; the daughter, an uncommunicative and complicated teenager. Both are independent and strong and do not need others to get what they want.
The signing is limited to 150 people. Those interested can come to our bookstore in Rambla Catalunya, 37 to pick up their tickets from Friday, July 2 (bookstore opening hours: 9:30 am).

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We can also talk at this point about the consideration of shopping malls, is it true!!!, both in a store in a shopping mall and in a shopping street can achieve this goal, which would be to sell to the maximum. The main disadvantage would be that shopping malls provide a protected environment, which can be attractive on rainy days or hot/cold days outside, in which the streets are affected in their commercial activity in a very negative way. So in extreme weather regions shopping malls become a good refuge for shoppers.


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This volume collects several stories of a very different nature set in Sant Cugat and its surroundings. Some legends have a well-documented historical origin, but they have been modified by man and the passing of time. Others have a markedly novelistic, fantastic, amusing, curious or uplifting character, and they deal with the feelings, passions and most primitive reactions of our ancestors. Each and every one of the stories is accompanied by one or several historical references that will help the reader to focus on space and time and to understand the historical background of each story.

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