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Andres puentes to sue tatiana’s family

Andres Puentes, Tatiana’s ex-husband, was arrested in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, for the crime of abandonment of the family, and was transferred to the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Tatiana claims 6 million 113 thousand 810 pesos in alimony for their children, Andrik and Cassandra.
Allegedly there is a difference between Andres Puentes and Tatiana for the rights over the musical concept that the artist currently manages, and over which Puentes claims to have 50%. In recent days, he even sued the artist for an amount of 17 million pesos, for the royalties generated by the use of the singer’s name, of which, allegedly, he is co-owner.

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When she came of age, Andres Puentes rehired her and was befriending her family members and close circle, describing it as «you know all these people are lovely when they need something. After that it becomes hell».
Subsequently, her partner became upset and got into a fight with the man who had greeted her, so she decided to intervene. Puentes proceeded to insinuate that she was having a sexual relationship with Mateos and denied her access to a cab to leave.
In tears, the singer explained that the violence she suffered from her ex-husband included jealousy, beatings, humiliation and even rape: «I have been apologizing to everyone for having made that bad choice.
She also expressed: «I regret not listening to my intuition», because it was a situation of abuse from Andres Puentes both physically and emotionally that has cost her a lot of time and therapies to overcome.
In addition, the singer explains that he sexually abused her and in 1993 he impregnated her daughter Casandra. After this, Puentes proclaimed himself as her manager, which even made her fight with her mother, who until then had led her career, under a series of lies and humiliations.

Andrés puentes sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

Nobody would think that behind such a happy character would hide such a sad and unfortunate story as the one lived by Tatiana, the singer and actress recently revealed that she suffered not only psychological violence, but also sexual abuse by her ex-husband.
Although from the first moment the media and people who followed the career of the child singer realized that her relationship with Andres Puentes seemed to be a manipulation or absolute domination; apparently she did not know what she was facing.
Tatiana appeared in «El minuto que cambió mi destino», where she narrated the «hell» in which she was held captive by the promoter, producer and representative Andres Puentes; who was an extremely popular character at the time who also had friends who were policemen, lawyers and prominent political figures.
Between tears and clearly affected, the singer shared how was part of her marriage and courtship with Andres Puentes, she said that at the time she did not realize the «red flags» or alerts that showed their relationship, because the man was extremely jealous.

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The singer told that her ex-partner asked her to get married in a situation in which she could not refuse. «At a party with all his friends who were policemen, like lawyers and older people, his age, his friends,» she recalled. View this post on InstagramA post shared by Tatiana (@oficial.tatiana).
Physical and psychological abuseLater, Tatiana revealed that her then-husband sexually abused her: «Yes (he abused), but what hurt the most was the emotional, because the emotional, as you see, is still there. Yes (he forced me to be intimate), but he also manipulated me in that way; he knew where to go, he knew how» As for the psychological abuse, she revealed that he even told her that she had no talent, that it was only because of her «pretty face»: «That I had been successful thanks to my mother, that I had no talent, that I was just a pretty face, and that he was going to take me to stardom beyond the palenques and the discotheques. And you believe it, you end up believing it; many situations in which he has you terrified and then he gives you flowers. It makes you a codependent relationship. It’s terrible,» she said about his manipulation of her. View this post on InstagramA post shared by Tatiana (@oficial.tatiana).

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