Porque vetaron a lucero de televisa

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Porque vetaron a lucero de televisa del momento

Since 2014 Lucero became the center of attention due to her sudden departure from Televisa, the company that was her home for more than three decades. Subsequently, she arrived at Telemundo and it was then, during a press conference for the Latin American Music Awards that she spoke about the alleged veto of the network.
She also explained that Lucero signed a contract with Univision to participate in the program La Reina de la Canción, which currently airs on the Hispanic network and thus «leaves open» the possibility of her returning to work in Mexico.

The spring

In 1993, she moved to the United States and joined Telemundo, a U.S. television network. For signing a contract with another television network, she received a veto from Televisa. At Telemundo she played the main character in the telenovela, Guadalupe, which turned out to be an international success, especially in Arab countries.[16][17] She returned to television with El mannova, which was a hit.
She returned to television with El manantial (2001), which co-starred with Mauricio Islas.[25] Like its predecessor, this telenovela was also an international success.[26] For her interpretation of the main female character, she received another TVyNovelas award, among others.

Adela noriega tv shows

Aquí estoy is the 22nd studio album by Mexican actress and singer Lucero, released on November 14, 2014 under the Universal Music Latino[2][3] label. «Aquí estoy» is the singer’s first solo album since «Mi secreto de amor (2011)», an album consisting of re-recordings of the greatest hits of Mexican singer Ana Gabriel, who upon hearing the album said, there would be no one better than Lucero to present her songs to the new generation.
In general, the album received mixed reviews from specialized sites that underlined the good quality of the interpretation of the songs, highlighting mainly the ranchera part in which Lucero explores her vocal power very well. This led to overshadow the pop part of the album in which the singer does not emote with her interpretation being somewhat monotonous. The DVD section was also partially criticized for its simple setting and little costume change. The first two singles from the album, the ranchero track «No Entiendo» and the pop track «Ay Amor», were released on October 27, 2014 as a digital download from the «iTunes» online store.

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Despite the fact that with the birth of television in our country there were several entrepreneurs with their own channels and stars, little by little, the emporium acquired them, and only the government channel was left to try to compete.
Among the most controversial vetoes made by the president of the corporation, Emilio Azcarraga Milmo, were against the protagonist of the first telenovelas exported by Mexico, Verónica Castro, as well as that of the comedian ‘La India María’ for a criticism against the then president José López Portillo, other artists who went through the same situation were Lucía Méndez, Juan Gabriel, Héctor Suárez, Andrés García, Omar Fierro.
Fortunately for national talent, the birth of Televisión Azteca, as well as international networks that broadcast their productions in Mexico and other Latin American countries, and the emergence of streaming, allows them not to be in the doldrums and continue their media exposure.

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