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There’s nothing worse than the feeling of having ended a relationship that could have been amazing. It doesn’t matter if you hurt your ex or if he decided the relationship wasn’t right for him, you can try to win him back even if he says he’ll never come back to you. The key to doing this is to treat him with respect, don’t overwhelm him and remind him how amazing the relationship was. You also need to show him that things can be even better if you get back together.
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Quarantine has hit everyone in different ways, but one constant trend we’ve seen is that due to boredom, people start doing things that may not seem like such a good idea later on. Just as there are those who cut their hair at home, who redecorate their clothes or who have movie marathons, there are also some people who during this season have taken to looking for their ex. WHAT?
There are some characteristics that will give it away while reestablishing interaction, so you must be very attentive to discover what are the true intentions of this guy or girl with you.You’ve probably already heard that quarantine flirtations are never serious and that everything is the result of boredom during this season, but the truth is that there is always the possibility that a case is different, find out if your ex is really interested in resuming things with you or just having fun. You may also be interested in: 5 K-pop songs that will help you relax and do your homework.

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It is known that a love relationship could end for different reasons, if the love is not clean or authentic so that it manages to face conflicts or if the feeling that had them together has changed and it could also be for an infidelity among other reasons.
This termination can be motivated by one or the other. It is expected that the man wants to make an arrangement and make attempts to restart the relationship with the person he loves, this depends on whether his better half decides to give him another chance because we are all people and we do not stop making mistakes all the time.
My love, I have the feeling that all the love you had for me is no longer the same and I understand it because I have done wrong. That’s why I apologize to you because I don’t want you to leave me, I consider you that I love you that much in the world and I am in a lot of pain for being distant from you. I beg you to rethink everything and allow me to come back to you.»
I have not ceased to keep in mind all the moments lived together and all the happiness I had with you. I want you to know that there is an infinite emptiness in my life because you are not there. I beg you with all my heart to be by my side».

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Remember that things happen for a reason. If you send your ex one of these phrases and they respond negatively then maybe it’s time for you to turn the page and move on with your life. It’s never good to dwell on the past.
I understand that you may be confused and unclear about your feelings but I want you to know that I am very clear about my feelings for you. I love you and I am willing to fight for you, to wait for you, but I can’t wait for you forever; I can’t love for a long time someone who doesn’t know what he wants».
I would like to go back in time, to go back to those days when we were happy together. I’m sorry I let you down, I loved you and I love you so much… I was wrong once, please don’t punish me and forget all the good times we had, all the times I showed you that you are everything to me».
I know I was wrong, that I didn’t love you as you deserved, that I trusted you believing that your love for me would last forever, I should have taken more care of you. I should have told you all those words of love that you asked for so much and that I didn’t think were important. I love you, I realized it too late but if you give me a chance I promise to erase from your heart all the sadness I made you go through».

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